Somesa was built with one goal in mind, to provide a reliable, simple to use elearning application tailored to various industry education needs

Somesa, a Product of Somesa Solutions Uganda Limited

Somesa is a registered trademark of Somesa Solutions Uganda Limited, Somesa solutions is a company registered in Uganda with registration number 209494
Our core business is providing collaborative eLearning services through our software called Somesa that enables organizations and individuals to share educational content with students or trainees. Our clients range from corporate organizations, individuals, universities, secondary schools to employee training organizations.


To build a collaborative learning community through which learners worldwide can benefit from each other's knowledge and that of various teachers or organizations


To build a revolving hub of knowledge for learners anywhere while at the same time empowering educators with the best teaching aids and platforms.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Quality

Challenges we address

There is a big gap in collaborative learning solutions in Uganda right now. Students only learn from their teachers through a face to face interaction but rarely learn from professionals in their learning field, from fellow students outside their circles, from other students in different institutions studying the same thing or from those who already studied the same thing. Knowledge sharing on a broad scale is basically nonexistent in our education system. From secondary school all the way to university, private consultancies and organizations like churches or mosques; there is no go-to solution for learner-centered, collaborative and networked learning.

On top of the above, many ventures into eLearning by various universities and institutions have failed and been rejected by teachers due to the complexity of the deployed systems.

Many companies and organizations in the country lack easy to use training systems for their employees needed for coaching and capacity building, the available systems are very expensive to install, customize or modify.

Our Solution - Somesa collaborative e-learning solution

We have developed an e-learning collaborative solution called Somesa (translates to ‘Teach’ in the Luganda language) to provide a rich blended and flipped classroom for educational institutions, consultancies and other organizations that engage in teaching & learning activities.

Somesa allows teachers/knowledge experts to share their knowledge through a publication of learning materials i.e. videos, podcasts, notes, downloadable files and for students to have access to the same in a very natural way. The rich discussion groups allow for communities to sprout out and make learning as engaging and fun as possible. Through our partnerships, we also intend to connect institutions to each other or to other companies so as to provide more learning channels for students.

Services offered

We provide a range of solutions through the Somesa solution:
  • Employee Training and Assessment solutions Employee short courses, company policy training, products training for employees
  • Post Training Support solutions Solutions to bring about effective learning after face to face training sessions
  • Long Distance E-Learning Solutions Engage learners from different parts of the world through the internet using learning tools such as videos, podcasts and file lecture notes file downloads.
  • Revision aid solutions For students about to certify in various exams or papers; revision material i.e. past papers or notes can be accessed on the Somesa platform.
  • Knowledge Sharing for knowledge experts & consultancies Solutions to share educational content with a specific target group or the entire world
  • ELearning Training We provide consultative services to institutions that want to or are providing eLearning services.

The following organisations have contributed greatly to the growth of Somesa